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Can I use Airband in my home or office if I use a Wireless Network there?
Yes. Our equipment uses a frequency hopping system which means that data is sent by a different frequency every 50th of a second. If the signal finds a frequency that is being used by another device (e.g. your wireless network) it will simply ‘hop’ to another unused frequency. The equipments ‘intelligence’ means it will soon ‘learn’ which frequencies are occupied by your own network devices and will know not to try to use them. Wireless network equipment always occupies a single channel.

We also operate schemes for resellers and partners so you could benefit from helping to bring Airband to your area.

Can Airband come to my area?
If your area is not listed, don’t worry! Airband are continually expanding and we are interested in launching in any area. The best thing to do is to register your details online and tell friends and neighbours in your area to register too. If you are running a campaign for broadband in your area and already have a large amount of interest we would be happy to discuss it with you.

We also operate schemes for resellers and partners so you could benefit from helping to bring Airband to your area.

Do I get a Service Level Agreement? (SLA)
It depends on the service you choose. See the individual product data for more information.
Do I need to have a large antenna on my building?
Don’t worry, you don’t need a huge antenna or satellite dish outside your home to use Airband! Airband will supply you with all the equipment you need. A small box (12.8 cm x 9 cm) goes on the outside of your house and a cable to your PC delivers the connection. See the “Technical info” page for more details.
How does Airband compare with other technologies?
Airband offers a number of distinct benefits over other Broadband technologies. In summary, Airband is more resilient, more easily upgradeable and less expensive than other Broadband services. We also offer lower contention ratios than other broadband providers, delivering you a faster connection.
How long does an installation take?
On average your Airband installation will take between 2 and 4 hours. The lead time for an installation is 10 days.
Is Airband a satellite system?
No, Airband is a radio service supplied from local transmitters. This means that there is no noticeable latency as often experienced with satellite systems.
Is there any latency with Airband?
There is no noticeable latency with an Airband connection. Airband users also benefit from low contention ratios and high levels of available bandwidth.
What equipment do I need to subscribe to Airband?
Airband will supply you with all the equipment you need to get the broadband connection into your home or office. The Airband subscriber unit takes a standard network cable (RJ45) which you can then plug straight into your PC or network router. You will need a PC with a standard Ethernet network card, and some web browsing software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. We can supply you with a network cable if required.
What does VPN mean?
A VPN is a Virtual Private Network.
What if my area isn’t listed?
We’re always looking to expand the Airband service into new areas. If you can’t currently get broadband in your area and think that there is a demand for it please contact us and we will look at the options.
What is Airband?

Airband is fixed wireless broadband internet access (wireless high speed internet). Like other forms of broadband, Airband is an ‘always on’ internet connection. Unlike other forms of broadband, Airband can be a synchronous data service which makes it ideal for hosting, VPN or lease line replacement. The Airband service is provided by Airband Ltd.

Who installs the Airband equipment?
We only use professional aerial installers to carry out all Airband installations. We sub-contract our installation work to established local companies.
Why do I need Broadband?
In these days of instant response, email and the internet are becoming more and more important to companies. Emails often carry large attachments of content-rich documents and images. Airband speeds up your internet connection so that the time taken to send and receive emails is vastly reduced.

Our 512 kbps service is 10 times faster than a standard modem connection, making browsing the internet much faster, meaning you can find what you’re looking for more quickly. Email is also done in real time rather than only when you dial up, allowing you to respond immediately.

Multiple users can share the same connection saving you money. No matter how long you are connected (24 hours a day if you like) your internet connection won’t cost you a penny more.

When you are on the internet with Airband your phone line is free to make and receive calls, no more engaged tones! Installing Airband enables you to improve communication with outworkers, suppliers and customers. Have you thought about VPN?

Are wireless products safe for our health?
Extensive research on the safety of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic energy has been carried out for more than four decades. This research is continually reviewed and interpreted by committees of scientists who develop safe limits for exposure. Manufacturers of wireless equipment monitor this research and participate in the consensus standards process and ensure that their products operate within the guidelines of these standards.

The Airband equipment operates at a power of around 0.1 Watts (100 mW) which is almost 20 times less than a typical mobile phone!

For more details and an independent view on the safety of radio devices you can visit this website:

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